1. Members General Meeting

PSVAK is a Trade Association. The highest governing body is the General Assembly. Full and Associate members participate in the GA. Full members who have fulfilled their financial obligations have the right to vote.

2. Board of directors

PSVAK is managed by the Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly every two years. The Board of Directors is formed in a body composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and 3 members.

3. Committees

There are three active committees that make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the issues of interest.

  • Regulatory Scientific Committee
  • Marketing, Communication and Education Committee
  • Exports Committee

4. General Manager

Ioanna Valaskopoulou is the General Manager of PSVAK as from September 11, 2023.

She is a chemist holding an Honors Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Surrey (U.K.).

She has worked in the cosmetics industry as a consultant for the safety and efficacy testing of cosmetic products.

5. Executive Assistant & Operations Coordinator

Stella Karmiraki graduated from the Selectica secretarial support school in 1990. Since then, she took over the secretarial support of PSVAK, having served on 17 different Boards of Directors, and continuing dynamically as Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator of the Association.