Businesses aim for sustainable development in a favorable economic environment. The key to success is to promote the interests and the needs of the industry as a whole. PSVAK provides access and the necessary interaction between stakeholders in the dynamic and complex European reality. PSVAK provides timely information, strategic intelligence, and the development of effective and successful advocacy on all matters.

Together, we can promote the reputation of the cosmetics sector!

Α) Economic development

PSVAK creates communication bridges for a sustainable development. Assists companies in dealing with issues that may arise involving product safety and quality.

Β) Power on Regulatory Matters

Brussels Regulations must be accepted in all Member States and applied uniformly. PSVAK is informed about the developments in Europe and informs its members. Monitors and participates in the change of the Cosmetics Regulation, promotes the cosmetics industry vision and deals with the inevitable changes.

PSVAK is the eyes and ears of the Industry!

C) Liability and Prevention

  • PSVAK is recognized as credible representative of the local industry.
  • Informs members immediately about any upcoming changes.
  • Provides assistance and responses to media crises, usually originating from NGOs.
  • Facilitates the cooperation of the Industry with the NGOs dealing with the environment and animals.
  • Promotes the Voluntary Program of Environmental Commitments of the Cosmetics Industry.
  • Acts as an intermediary to limit retailers’ claims (eg via GS1).

PSVAK provides the required transparency to consumers and authorities without exposing your company. New digital tools are being developed in Cosmetics Europe to increase transparency and communicate products to consumers.

D) Effective collaboration

PSVAK presents a united and strong position of the Industry on the important issues to the authorities and the interested parties in general.

PSVAK members can participate in Committees and/or working groups and contribute to the Association’s procedures and decisions.

At PSVAK we speak all the languages ​​of Europe!

Through PSVAK your company can get in touch with all the European Associations.

The European Associations train company staff in many issues (risk assessment, GMP, sustainability, microbiology, CPR, etc.).

There is no risk of breaching competition law as strict guidelines are followed.

E) Costs and time

Membership fees depend on the size of your company. With little money you can ensure big advantages for your company. Any excessive, unnecessary, or inflexible legal requirement that is stopped, thanks to our efforts, protects your company’s money. Conversely, any legal requirement that is applied in a harmonized manner in Europe keeps the market open for your products. Weigh the membership fee against the cost of a product recall and the damage it causes to your company. Your company’s staff can participate in committees or working groups and be timely and validly informed. Your company’s staff can meet and expand their acquaintances at PSVAK Conferences and Events.

Contact us to inform you about the subscription categories.

PSVAK adds value to your business and helps secure its future. It helps you stay one step ahead.

Become a member of PSVAK and all the National Associations of the countries you are active in!